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 Accepting Applications


At Creative Mind Learning Centers, we offer classrooms beginning from birth, through school age. Parents interested in enrolling their child at CMLC infant center, preschool center, or afterschool center may contact us for admission information, and or to be placed on a waiting list.  Admission into the program requires that parents and children visit the facility and complete the necessary forms. Enrollment is not complete until all of the following items have been received: Creative Mind Learning Centers Admission Agreement Contract, Identification and Emergency Information Form Packet, Consent for Emergency Medical Treatment Form, Parent’s Right Form, Personal Rights Form, Child’s Preadmission Health History, Proof of Immunizations, Physician’s Report (At enrollment you must have this form filled out by physician before enrollment is complete), Medication Policy, Food Program Form, Audio Surveillance at the Facility,  Emergency Information Form, Holiday / Transportation / Photographs / Video / Sunscreen, Parent activity schedule, Toilet Training Plan, Infant Needs and Service Plan (For infants only) and Covid-10 Addendum. 


Tuition fees are due at the PREVIOUS WEEKS END OF CARE for the following week of childcare.  If fees are not paid by Monday morning, at sign-in time, we reserve the right to, withhold services until the debt is paid or; you may give CMLC your written two- week notice stating that you will be withdrawing your child from the program then, your two-week advanced payment will be applied. 


If you are not withdrawing your child from the program, you will be charged tuition fees, and an additional late fee of $10.00 for EVERY DAY of non -payment that was agreed upon.  It is beneficial for our parents to pay, “at previous week’s end of care” or no later than the “beginning of week”, for that week of childcare before services are rendered to avoid incurrence of late fees.  

If your child is terminated from our program, your two-week deposit will be used to settle any and all outstanding balances such as late fees, it is non-refundable.  We require a two (2) week written notice when canceling enrollment from our program and, your advanced two- week child care fee will be honored for those last two weeks. IT WILL NOT BE REFUNDED.

For more information call

(760) 780-5084


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